Manufactured over hundred years ago, one would not complete their list without including Harley Davidson’s in their favorite bikes list. A true biker always envies this automobile for various reasons. I, Sanjeet Veen stand no exception for this bike to tag them under the most impressive exteriors with robust body bikes. Famously known as American Motorcycle, Harley Davidson have manufactured numerous models and today I present few of the best among them.

These Cruiser Motorbikes with engine displacement more than 700 cc, having V-twin engines with 45 degree angle in between the cylinders is what every biker would be looking for. This brand enables customization options that resulted in chopper motorcycle to explode your widest creativity.

1951 11F

I can never forget this model, which gave a new definition to the entire world of bikes. With three –speed transition, an automatic oiler, and gigantic intake valves allows the automobile with a boisterous 11hp. The detachable night lamp is an added attraction, which until the date is an exception design genius in the models. Even though this old man has become an attractive chapter of history, this model of Harley Davidson have given new goals to bike manufacturers.

1958 Duo – Glide

Comfortable suspension word was introduced to the world through this model. Being the first model to integrate spot-on rear suspension, allowed bikers to have a complete new experience of biking on roads. Incorporated with sprung seat, this motorcycle became ideal automobile that was considered a fusion ideal old manifestation with modern outlook.

1983 XR – 1000

The confounding price did not allow this model to excel in the market, however it has been known for the energetic power and performance. This one is one of my favorite among the famous, models of Harley bikes, which had a charisma when the wheels floated on the roads. Being the few luckiest people who could have enjoyed it, would admit to the fact that this motorcycle delivered maximum speed of 112 mph.

2012 FLHR Road king

Just by the name one can certainly predict, that 2012 FLHR road king has given astounding performance. In terms of customization, this is considered best until date. If you want to steal the show on those long roads, you must have this model motorcycle.  A combination of performance, style, six speed cruise drive, ABS braking systems, what more can you expect in this model.

2017 Top Versions of Harley Davidsons Bikes till Date
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