Who would not want to buy a used car if it is a great model, giving good performance and completely within our budget? Purchasing a dream car is not everyone’s cup of tea for various reasons. Few of the models that we like might not be in the market anymore. It could be a hobby to collect antic cars, which are again used anyhow, or it is also possible that our finances would not let it happen. No matter what is the reason, there is always a way to fulfil our dreams. Automobiles have been my greatest passion. Sanjeet Veen have lived through automobiles and worked hard to make a living out of passion. I truly understand the zeal to own a car, but before making a decision, here are few things one must remember while purchasing a used car.

  1. Be a detective– Being a detective is a strange feeling that all of us have in our minds incorporated. We always want to have a perfect thing when we are investing our hard earn money on it. Whenever you are purchasing a used car, do some research on the model, reviews of the consumer to predict the possible defects it would have in future.
  2. Price prediction– Never finalise purchasing a used car unless you research about the price in the market. Depending upon the usage, mileage, and launch year the price change. You can check through online from various dealers the price for specific model.
  3. Mechanic Advice– with the excitement of purchasing a car many of the customers fail to inspect the vehicle and its conditions. A used car needs a special verification from an authorised mechanic to provide clear update on the engine efficiency, transmission, and price and to predict future repercussions.
  4. Certified vehicles– used cars purchase is becoming more and more now days. To ensure a better quality assurance, dealers are providing certified pre-owned cars with extended warranty.
  5. Decoding VIN-To avoid buyer’s remorse, the best way to avoid any fraud is to decode VIN of the vehicle. VIN Cloning is becoming a fraud, where stolen vehicles are replaced with VIN and sold.
  6. Car usage history– Buyer can now check the deep history of the car by checking with CARFAX. The most comprehensive database offers every detail about the car, which might be important information for you to make a deal.

Bring home your dream car today, just by following few steps. Your happy driving experience is just 6 steps away.

6 Things to Remember Before Buying a Used Car
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Sanjeet Veen

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My name is Sanjeet Veen, a 50 year old successful entrepreneur, Business Counsellor, and a writer. Right from my childhood, I was an automobile enthusiast. Anything or everything I wanted to do was to establish myself in the same field of interest.

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