The automobile industry is one of the most crucial economic sectors in terms of global revenue and continues to be top of the line business for almost all the first world nations. This sector was supported to a great extent by the U.S first, followed by Japan and subsequently China who is now in the lead. Last year saw a dip in the sales and the market was almost flat however the present year and the years to come are hopeful of its rise again according to most automobile experts the year ahead seems more promising for the industry.

The future of the automobile industry is in the making as automakers and transformers are coming up with new and innovative ideas to make the “intelligent car”. No – no, I am not talking about any scene from a science fiction movie but about the slow and steady developments and vehicle concepts that are just about to blow your mind. Perhaps the most buzzed update is that the U.S automobile group Ford has rolled out its model T of course this is the favorite of Sanjeet Veen that has been bestowed with the tag of a “connected car”. It comes with fully loaded digital features like Wi-Fi, most advanced infotainment systems and apps as well as a vehicle-to-vehicle communication system that allows the cars on the road to communicate with each other. Where in they can easily exchange data concerned with safety, speed and position, real time location and avail routing service based upon traffic conditions, apart from this network links that help facilitate diagnosing vehicle repair and maintenance.

Along with the above mentioned some other spectacular features included in the vehicle that render it intelligent are:

  • Self-braking
  • Self parking
  • Automatic cruise control
  • Automatic accident avoidance features
  • Enhanced safety features
  • System operated power steering
  • Electric parking brakes and throttles
  • Optimized Engine control

Although the perception of a completely automatic self-functioning vehicle is a far fledged dream for the public to accept at the moment. Yet car-makers and automobile designers have already tread upon the path to creating driver-less cars and ushering a new age of transformation in the automobile world.

This change is an adventurous new expedition and most car lovers like me are waiting with baited breaths to welcome the change and experience the excitement of this evolution in the automobile arena.

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