When environmental concerns raise the voice to protect the natural resources that are being affected by vehicle pollution, why not switch to a new idea. In addition, this new idea took its physical form of electric cars. This revolutionary thought was born in the year 1834 by Thomas Davenport. For centuries, people with zeal and knowledge have tried to design self-propelled vehicles, cars became plausible history from tinkering restless transportation to the advanced form of comfort with ease. Remembering the times when the small locomotive electrically powered designs where grasping a quick attention, Davenport design of electromagnetic device was excessively expensive. Decades have passed and the history has turned its coin to embrace the efforts and ideas of the people who were behind the amazing thought of electric cars.

Electric cars are always been my passion. Being an environmentalist, I always support technology that brings best possible creation without distressing the environment. Sanjeet Veen believes in imagination of inventors who strives to work hard on advance technology in order to build a better future.

If we are talking about the practical electric car that was designed, produces and driven on the road, then the year 1884 marks its place in the history. The first electric car that saw the real world was built by Thomas Parker. His efficient engine, fuel efficiency was the sole reason that encouraged a mass production of electric cars.

Long leap ahead

19th century being the most progressive era in terms of bringing best efforts to develop electric engines with an effort to replace gasoline engines was on high. Drifting to 20th century, electric cars were becoming more and more popular. Many consumers using gasoline-powered vehicles started showing interest for electric cars. Even though the initial designs of electric cars have few drawbacks, growing demand and improvised designs with respect to increase in mileage have laid a new foundation.

In 1900 the electric car manufacturing industry became robust with 400 vehicles alone in New York, Chicago, Boston were powered through electricity. Few decades of hard work resulted in improvised electric cars that were relatively efficient, cost effective, and clean with smooth suspension. In 1899, United States was observed to have more of electric cars that were used as cabs. The manufacturing companies have also increased to 12, with mass production making it a consumer car.

Attempts are being made to bring a change in the automobiles history by making electric cars more into usage by abandoning gasoline vehicles. However, Toyotas RAV4 EV and Tesla Roadster have caught people attention, despite of high cost, which is still a milestone to be crossed to make the mainstream.

All About the Inception of Electric Cars
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