Marching forward to clean energy in the form of electric wheel transportation is the most significant change in terms of protecting environment. While few years ago electric cars where seen as a clean initiated, still doubtful whether it could compete he fuel models in the market. Today most of the buyers are far most open fir the idea and are gearing up to see which model is leading in the race. The first time, I saw an electric car, I wasn’t very sure of the idea. Keeping aside the matter of sustainability, my consideration was its maintained and functional aspects.

Initially the models had few defaults in these cars have made the automobile industry to bring about more eco-conscious   models that have dramatically changed the market. Driving ranges have been improvised impeccably, while the batteries have becoming cheaper to manufacture, lighter and smaller to be placed in the car. Today, one can see these cars available in various sizes, shapes resulting from a luxurious sedan styles to a family friendly budget oriented SUVs.

Here are few cars of my choice that might draw your interests as well.

Tesla Model S P90D – Ludicrous

The Ludicrous model is an upgrade for all the P90D models. The improvised acceleration which is 20% faster than the Insane model, with an electronically upgraded battery pack. After observing the speed limit, I can ensure that Tesla delivered on its technical promise with a sense of power in its wheels and roomy comfortable experience which relatively feels luxurious.


Honda Fit EV– A vehicle with enhanced battery modules which bestows swift acceleration and super-fast charging is another favourite model of mine, in the run of electric cars. Interestingly one can fit in solar panels power the device for extended drive.


Nissan Leaf – Talking about electric cars and not mentioning Nissan is like cake without sugar. The zero-emission vehicle with rechargeable lithium ion battery is said to be in record for its large scale commercial sales in United States, when the Model was introduced to market.

With a speed of 90mph, travelling through 70 miles distance , Nissan Leaf Becomes a trend setter by introducing more possibilities for the future electric cars.


Volkswagen e-Golf – This model is considered to be the third most efficient car amongst Green Car category in United States. With 83 miles range on full charge built with standard counterparts of gasoline, golf is a driver’s delight on the road.


Toyota RAV4 EV–   Being an eco- conscious driver, I certainly expect a lot from the vehicle if I have to choose one from the electric car Models. The electrified Toyota RAV 4 is not like the ordinary EV varieties. Boasted with high end performance having spacious interiors and stylish exteriors, this car is a great Model in the list of green cars.


Few Finest Electric Car Models
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