I am not an expert on writing reviews about cars, as my way of looking at these automotive is quite different. So please make up your mind before proceeding to read the blog. This isn’t about what are the best features one has to look into, while purchasing a car. This is about a common man’s passion towards the four wheels. Automobile is the most fascinating topic for me. Ever since my first encounter with a wheel, I have constantly been attached and attracted towards the subject. My childhood was persistently pondering on to have as many cars as possible, mostly the vintage and sports cars. The drive towards wheels and their grand exterior could be one reason for me to set up an automotive business.

Most of the people ask me, what exactly the aspects of car that interests me are. According to me a classic car or a car of my choice is accountable on theseaspects.

1. The arbitrary age limits
2. The design and distinctive style with limited variants

Based on the aspects to consider, these are the top cars of my choice.
1961 Jaguar E-type – Jaguar might not be considered to be the best among the classics, but certainly the E-type is one of the world class models,which is less expensive in the list of good cars. The car looks ravishing from every angle. The racing type steering , wire wheel, well decked and comfy seating , slim windshield pillars , generous storage space, rationally placed rear window mirror, etc.; gives a complete picture of a dazzling experience one would have driving the car.

1963 Corvette Sting Ray – Corvette Sting Ray, had an aerodynamic design, independent suspension for both front and rear, modified passenger comfort with increased protection from side blows, was perfectly sought out compared to its earlier versions. Most of the corvette enthusiasts believe that sting ray and the variants that were released in the year 63-67 are best among the American sports cars.

1962 Ferrari 250 GTE – Being the first grand touring, luxurious car with four seat model, Ferrari 250 GTE was considered to be a sports car for a family man. Even though this classic car had its drawbacks, the glorious vintage look had always mesmerised the viewers and fanatics with its uniqueness.

1966 Lamborghini Miura – Lamborghini Miura is considered as a trend setter in sports car with top speed in sports car segment. The two seated model with a fascinating body set a new standards in automobile world. Miura is the true super car in sports segment with a mid-engine layout. This set pattern by the brand had laid a foundation to most of the sports cars at that time, which have gradually modified their specifications accordingly.
1969 Dodge Charger-when introduced into the market Dodge Charger was instant hit. The streamlined crown with remarkable interiors and power, this car was a mix of sporty look and luxurious features.

Few model cars always stay ahead among the rest, as they stand distinctive for their exterior design and sporty function.

Sanjeet Veen – My Favourite Cars of all Time
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