Automobiles are an evergreen field that makes advances every now and then.  Being a part of the same industry of more than 20 years, I have witnessed many changes that took place alongside. Especially with cars, I have seen a huge transformation in last few years. It could be the robust design, faster acceleration, interiors, public attitude drifting on new models, sustainable technology automobiles etc. No matter what is the main reason for the transformation, but the good thing is the thought changing process of individuals. I have always admired cars all my life. Talking about sustainable energy automobiles or clean energy cars, one thing strikes your mind is electric cars.

One of the leading brands in manufacturing these electric cars is -Tesla.

Electric Cars – The Future         

Last week when I was reading an article, I came to my notice that electric cars demands have drifted up when compared to 2015 to that of 2012. For internal combustion engine, electric cars are the safe and clean alternative. Even though these cars have faster acceleration, it is limited to shorter distance and requires long time charging unlike the convectional engines. However, Tesla offers solution to this problem as well. Compared to the electric automobiles on roads, Tesla electric cars are known higher battery pack performance (Model S with 265 miles, battery pack). Build to give unparalleled driving experience, Tesla, Model-S made my driving safe and stress fee.

Considering a green car these days makes it a lot of sense among the numerous models. It was not an easy decision for me to take. Being an environmental activist, I firmly believe ingreen technology. After going through a lot of research I found my perfect travel companion in Model S.

Features that caught my interest

  • Ground up with safest design, exhilarating color, auto-pilot capabilities, adaptive lighting for improved visibility at night. This car can be considered as paramount in the segment of electric cars.
  • The interiors of the car have been redefined with a space for seven passengers and an elaborate storage space. Being a nomad, interiors of cars feels are exclusively built to serve my purpose.
  • Model S, is designed with driving personalisation at your fingertips with automatic climate controls, 17 inch touch screen controls and cabin controls , is undoubtedly a delight for drivers for a hassle free driving.
  • On-board maps, navigation updates for 7 years, GPS enabled home links are another interesting add on to it.

When we think about green technology implemented on automobiles, we always have a set of mind that these modest designs run on low speed. But I must say Tesla Model –S is a grandeur of design gives you the real experience of perfect drive on road.

Sustainable Automobile Technology – Long way to go
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