After taking over the tech world with a storm Apple is now stretching its arms over the auto industry and has very meticulously planned to build a fortune in this field too buy acquiring an already established automobile brand, McLaren. The obvious reason behind this could be they do not want to waste any resources building up their way to get to the top. According to sources close to the epic rumored takeover, talks are rife about Apple’s interest in McLaren and that it had approached the car maker for a prospective take over in some time. Let me delve deeper and let you know what I, Sanjeet Veen think apple is up to.

It is estimated that the complete deal of purchasing the premier McLaren Technology Group would be worth an approximate amount of $1.3-2 Billion. According to undisclosed sources that are close to the impending deal say talks are on and started over a few months. This also sheds light on the much-hyped “project Titan” by Apple which is a secretive undertaking by Apple corp. to develop its own line of high end autonomous cars complete with latest technology and cutting edge design and developments. There have been many internal changes within the people working with the secretive project with Bob Mansfield entrusted as the head of Project Titan replacing Steve Zadesky who quit the company for reasons unknown.

Now discussing about McLaren, it is one of those brands that is associated with F1 racing. It is a classic name in producing sports car like 650S, P1, 570 etc and many other exclusive and custom sports cars. It is also an expert in incorporating lightweight materials for car manufacturing such as carbon fiber and aluminum. It has an expansive experience of car making and a state-of-the-art factory at Woking in England. McLaren produced over 1654 vehicles last year with a gross revenue of over $584 Million. Apple is preparing its launch pad in the car business by purchasing McLaren and giving a clear signal of its huge expansion and joining its competitor’s. Although the deal is still a hush-hush from either side spokespersons from McLaren’s clearly denied any of these rumors to be true and that the company in not discussing any business with Apple.

We just hope that the cat is out of the bag soon if not we ought to wonder what a collaboration of these two big daddies would bring out. If McLaren backs out then which other automobile name would be on the list of Apple for acquisition? Time will only tell.

Tech Giant Apple to Enter Automobile Industry by Acquiring McLaren
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