Volvo cars that are popular for its safety features have joined hands with Uber the ride retailer for working together and developing the next generation of modern autonomous driving cars that will come fully automated w it complete SAE level 5 standardization with no steering wheels or controls. These will come specially designed for those who are highly skeptical of being driven around. This development has seen strong statement coming right from Volvo declaring that no one who will be travelling in its new models from the dawn of 2020 will be killed or be prone to serious injury in the event of an accident or a collision. Such statements from the Swedish car makers is nothing new as they have uttered it back in the year 2007 when developing a surfeit of safety features that these automakers believe will help them attain their futuristic goal.

The concept of Volvo behind the introduction of AD cars is that they opine that most car accidents are caused due to the human factor and errors on the part of the driver. Hence, they want to rule out this major cause of auto accidents and promise to provide driving safety at an unbelievably new dimension of automobile technology. Volvo has done a great deal of study and research with a massive database of accident analysis that dates back to 1970. It took into concern the cases of 42000 accidents ranging from mere fatal to minor and involving over 72000 occupants of the vehicles. This strategic data processing has become the major source behind the development of the Autonomous Driving (AD) Cars that is expected to be launched around the year 2020, according to the Director of Governmental Affairs, Volvo Car Group, Anders Eugensson.

Presently Volvo is now working on its SAE Level 4 autonomous driving technology, after its completion reaching the level 5 of the AD technology will be the biggest step for the company to make its futuristic dream come true. Although the final product would require a huge investment, it will however bring a great deal of benefit to the people in general, not just in terms of seamless traffic management but also significantly with regard to the health care and safety levels of the passenger. The Volvo Uber partnership is a mutual collaboration for a long term and we will be informed of the developments in the AD operation. Stay with me Sanjeet Veen for more about automated cars in my next issue…

Volvo and Uber Shake Hands to Improve Autonomous Driving Tech
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