Planning a trip is the most exciting thing, when it comes to zoom out and hit the highway on four wheels, it sounds to be the most exhilarating experience. Most of us are passionate about automobiles; wheels are something hard to get over. I have always been fervent about sports cars and bikes. Driving is something that energizes my mood. Given an option, I would prefer to travel all my life by my bike or car. Sanjeet Veen is not just an Automobile Enthusiast; Automobile are my life that kept me motivated throughout.

When we consider a four wheeler, what is the main thing that we look into? Everyone has their own checklist, provided there are basic requirements one has to look up to. When it comes to pick a car that can be used very frequently to travel long distances. One must be very vigilant about his choices and efforts. However, here are few cars for a travel enthusiast, who would want to make a memorable journey.

Importantly, not all the roads are leveled and easy to drive. There are bumps, pits, mud roads which are very welcoming during winter. Hence choose a vehicle which can deal with harsh situation yet gives a good performance.

Mahindra Thar – If you are planning to hit offbeat destinations having rugged landscapes, shallow streams, nothing could help you out in a better way other than Mahindra Thar. For an adventure freak traveler, this car stands like a rock having solid exterior with advanced diesel engine, makes your journey contented. The best variants are DI 2WD, DI 4WD CRDe.

Mahindra Scorpio – Mahindra Scorpio is like a warrior, attractive, aggressive with an attitude that makes you fall for it. Among the best Indian manufacturers, I personally feel that Mahindra Scorpio overshadows every other vehicle in the same category. From wild to rugged terrains, every route is taken with ease and comfort that will hardly make you feel obstacles. This car not only elegant but also is wonderful travel companion to make your long journeys unforgettable.

Mitsubishi Outlander – Contrived with great looks and outstanding fuel efficiency, Outlander is a gentleman to make the swiftest and undesirable roads go suave experiencing candid journey. Any terrain, streamline, pits cannot stop your way from reach the destination.

Toyota Fortuner – Redefine the way you want travel the world, by get on to the hawk of cars. This car is said to be a traveler’s admirer. Beat the journey with Fortuner, as this vehicle helps to travel any place making you experience adventurous journey filled with energy and liveliness.

Winter Wheels – Best Cars to Knockout the Highway
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